Yet another example of the amazing advancements within HVAC technology is the programmable and smart thermostats. Rather than constantly heating and cooling your home while no one is there, programmable thermostats can adjust the temperature to fit your schedule. A programmable thermostat is an interesting piece of equipment. It functions similar to a normal thermostat, however the programmable thermostat can adjust the temperature automatically depending on a programmable schedule. 


Do Programmable Thermostats Save Money? 

Getting into the nitty gritty of things – yes, programmable thermostats save money for homeowners every year! The key is in the programming, but we’ll go into that later. It’s commonly known that less energy is consumed if indoor temperatures are closer to outdoor temperatures. Some homeowners manually adjust the temperature a few degrees when leaving the house to save money. However, then they have to wait in discomfort until the temperature lowers back down after coming home. Instead, simply creating a program for your programmable thermostat to follow is beneficial for saving money without sacrificing comfort. The additional set of controls allows homeowners and businesses to input temperature changes for particular times of the day. This creates a harmonious system of saving energy cost, up to 15%, and keeping a comfortable temperature level when needed. 


What is a Smart Thermostat? 

If a programmable thermostat is a step beyond traditional thermostats, a smart thermostat is even one step further. They are similar to a programmable thermostat that adjusts the temperature to balance comfort and energy costs. However, smart thermostats are typically synced with wifi to allow homeowners to control the thermostat from their phone, smart-speaker, ect. So how does a smart thermostat work? How are they different from programmable thermostats?


How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

Just like programmable ones, smart thermostats need a program set to your schedule once installed. However, we all know how schedules can change and having the ability to adjust the temperature from your phone before heading home is a game changer. Furthermore, smart thermostats work by learning from your behavior such as making temperature alterations not within the program. They can adapt to such changes and start making them on their own to provide comfort at another level of convenience. 


Do Smart Thermostats Save Money? 

As smart thermostats help cut energy costs by only operating the HVAC systems when necessary, yes, smart thermostats save money! Smart thermostats save homeowners and businesses money through their unique features including:

  • Scheduling: ability to program for desired temperatures during specific times of the day
  • Smart learning: making adjustments to 
  • Geofencing: recognizing when 
  • Performance Reports: Accurately track data on energy usage and efficiency as well as reminder prompts for HVAC maintenance


Important to Know about Programmable Thermostats!

The key to saving energy costs with programmable and smart thermostats is actually programming them to your schedule. Oftentimes, homeowners and businesses install a programmable or smart thermostat but then manually adjust temperatures like a traditional thermostat. The thermostat’s owner manual will have instructions on how to set up a program. Once you’ve learned how to input your schedule, it’s easy to make adjustments as needed later. Both programmable and smart thermostats are well worth the investment to reduce energy consumption, but only when used correctly.


Programmable Thermostat Installation Services with Satterlee

Regardless if you are looking to update your thermostat or you have questions about your current one, Satterlee has you covered. Our HVAC technicians are professionally trained with years of experience in providing customer satisfaction with reliable services! Satterlee’s commitment to excellence has earned us a solid reputation in the local Joplin area and surrounding communities. If you wish to learn more about programmable thermostats or have questions about yours, contact us today!