Air Purification

    System Installation and Service

    Lennox PureAir™ S | Global Plasma Solutions

    • Trap Pet Dander, Allergens, and Block Dust for a Cleaner House
    • Remove Dangerous Organic Compounds from the Air
    • Installation of commercial and residential Air Purification Systems
    • Kill Microorganisms such as Viruses and Bacteria Using Rays of UV Light


    Equipment, Sales and Installation

    Sheet Metal

    • Stainless steel in a variety of alloys
    • Dust collection systems
    • Design, fabrication, and installation of commercial and industrial HVAC Systems
    • Fabrication of ductwork of any size


    Plumbing Capabilities
    • Complete fabrication and installation for water, waste drainage and ventilation
    • Underground gas line and utility work
    • Chemical waste systems
    • Medical gas systems
    • Backflow preventer installation, testing and service

    • HVAC piping in all application
    • Process piping for chemical, food process and manufacturing
    • Pump, tank and equipment installation
    • Design, layout and installation for manufacturing industries
    • Pneumatic systems, including temperature controls
    • Hydraulics for industrial process facilities
    • Medical gas Piping
    • High purity piping
    • Welding Services


    Residential and Commercial: (417) 624-3660

    We design, install and service any plumbing or HVAC-related service and all types of mechanical systems from light commercial to large industrial establishments by finding the most cost-effective solutions for our customers.

    Mechanical & HVAC Equipment Services
    • Burners
    • Boilers
    • Chillers
    • Cooling Towers
    • Air Handling Units
    • Rooftop Units
    • VRF Systems
    • VAV Systems
    • Condensers
    • Pumps
    • Refrigeration
    • Ventilation
    • Ducting
    • Blu Ducting (underground ducting)

    Plumbing Equipment and Services
    • Medical gas piping certified
    • Natural gas line and utility
    • Waste, Water and vent systems
    • Chemical waste systems
    • Backflow preventer installation and inspection
    • Small drain line cleaning
    • Camera line inspections
    • Main water feed installation and repair
    • Sewer line installation and repair
    • Irrigation systems
    • Water heater repair and installation
    • Welding
    • Excavating
    • Refrigeration Service
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Test and Balance
    • Facility preventive maintenance
    • General Service Calls