The Secret to Satterlee’s Reputation for Quality, Dependability, and Professionalism in the Heart of America

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings over 120 years ago. What began as a small operation now includes a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial services for Joplin, Springfield, and surrounding communities.

Satterlee Plumbing, HVAC and Mechanical Contractors

We’ve built a reputation for quality, integrity, and craftsmanship based on a secret passed down through four generations of leadership. And we’re happy to share it with you.

Satterlee can only guarantee exceptional services because we have exceptional employees. We only hire qualified, hard-working employees. Before an applicant can even be considered for employment, they must demonstrate the required qualifications. We carefully consider their education, certification, experience, and work ethic.

But we don’t just hand them an employee handbook and expect them to follow all the rules. We provide an example of our high standards in the decisions we make for the company and the way we treat our customers and work.

And it shows. In our employees’ quality of work and in our uncommonly low employee turnover rate.

Customers trust people, not companies. So we make sure our company is made of people who have proven themselves over and over. When you see the same faces, the same standards of professionalism, the same quality of work from our employees, you can rest knowing you’ve chosen the right company.

Our projects prove we provide a wide range of services. But where we stand above our competitors is our ability to guarantee the quality of their services. A promise only possible when you employ professionals, not just workers.

Looking for an HVAC and Plumbing company built on quality, integrity and professionalism for your next project? Call us at 417-624-3660 or tell us about it on our website.

Have something to say about a Satterlee professional? We love to hear about how our employees represent our values.

Are you a professional HVAC or plumbing technician seeking employment? Being a part of this team requires dedication to the job, a commitment to professional growth and consistent focus on safety. If you would like to be considered when we have an opening, please prepare a resume and thorough work history and apply.

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