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Long Island Boiler Service

Long Island Boiler Service

Boiler servicing is one thing that we often overlooked. There are many costly breaking down that can occur with your boiler when you don't service the unit regularly. If you're looking to prevent those unexpected costs from repairs due to this breakdown, you may consider servicing your boiler annually. But what is a boiler service? 

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service includes checks and tests on your boiler to ensure it's working efficiently. A qualified technician or engineer should only carry out the service. A boiler service consist of the following:

  • Boiler control checks 
  • Gas and pressure-flow tests
  • Combustion and flue checks
  • Check all seals on the boiler
  • Electrical connections checks 
  • Inspection of water and gas pipework
  • Inspection of the inside of the boiler 

After completing the boiler service, the technician or engineer will provide you with all the information you need to help maintain your boiler. 

Why is Annual Boiler Service Important?

Having an annual boiler service will go a long way to keep your unit working efficiently all year round. Here some reasons why you have to consider booking a boiler service. 

  1. You can catch problems early

Any problems with your boiler will only get worse when you ignore them. Having your boiler serviced regularly means that your technician will be able to identify these problems and solve them before they cause major damage.

  1. It's cheaper than boiler replacement

Servicing your boiler costs less than replacing the entire boiler. Regular maintenance will keep your boiler working smoothly, and your unit will be less likely to breakdown because you can detect whatever is going wrong with the unit and stop any issues from getting worse. A well-maintained boiler would last longer and save you money than a boiler that hasn't been checked and serviced. 

  1. It'll save money on your energy bills

Your boiler is less likely to breakdown when serviced regularly. The boiler will operate more efficiently and, in turn, will be much safer. An efficient boiler will reduce your home's carbon footprint while also saving on energy bills. 

  1. You can keep your boiler safe 

Servicing your boiler ensures that it's running safely and efficiently. According to a study from the Department of Health, 4000 people visit A&E each year with carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, you must service your boiler regularly. Having your boiler checked and serviced on a regular basis can give you peace of mind knowing that potential health hazards have been prevented.

  1. You'll stay under warranty

Manufacturers' warranties can save you some money when it comes to replacing your boiler. Commonly, this will only apply when you service your boiler annually. Ensure you check the terms and conditions of your boiler warranty, and if it requires a yearly service, make sure you book one.

Where to Book a Boiler Service? 

You may get in touch with Energywise in Long Island for any type of boiler service. Our registered and qualified engineer can provide you with the best fixing solution, so your boiler can remain efficient in the long run.


Long Island Boiler Service
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Long Island Boiler Service