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Decontamination Chamber

Decontamination chamber

The need to reopen the economy has created a need for on-the-spot human decontamination solutions that can help curb the spread of the virus. Organizations such as hospitals and nursing homes that house vulnerable people and still receive a lot of visitors have had to invest in decontamination chambers and tents. But walk-in decontamination chambers do not just prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. They also kill an astonishing range of bacteria and viruses. Thus, they are quite the investment for companies that care about their workers' health and safety, and everyone associated with their commercial buildings.

How does our decontamination chamber work?

Our decontamination chamber features a misting system that's built into the sanitation unit. All you have to do is assemble the structure as per the manual's instructions, and it's ready to use. Depending on the specific product you're buying, the portable decontamination unit may feature between two and eight misters. The misters come with stainless steel nozzles to create a super fine mist and guarantee durability.

The misters spray a super fine mist of highly active but skin-friendly sanitizers on humans and objects passing through the decontamination tent. The chamber is efficient enough to cover humans and objects within three to five seconds, and you can control the diameter of the mist as well as the amount of sanitizer applied by adjusting the nozzle. Because we understand that purchasing sanitizers is a recurrent expenditure, we have optimized our misters to use as little sanitizer per person as possible.  

Typically, we recommend using our custom-made organic sanitizers that are 100% alcohol and chemical-free, yet effective against a wide range of microorganisms. The sanitizer is mild on the skin, and there's very little possibility of adverse reactions. Users can also refill the misters with their sanitizer of choice as long as it's certified effective and skin-friendly.

Power source and operation

The decontamination tent is battery-powered, but it comes with a solar panel and an inverter that ensures it can run round the clock. If your company would prefer a system with a permanent power source, our walk-in decontamination tent is compatible with a 220V and 12V power outlet. 

The pump in the decontamination tent is activated by a no-touch or motion sensor. Once the individual walks in, the misters release the sanitizer for the preset amount of time. We recommend setting the timer to three to five seconds as this time is enough to cover the body of anyone or object passing through. Setting a limited amount of time also eliminates sanitizer wastage.

Contact us to get the most efficient disinfection chamber

Would you like to get an effective human decontamination unit for your commercial building or school? Why not get in touch with us at Cool-Off. We specialize in providing highly effective sanitization and cooling solutions for clients and have no doubt we have the perfect decontamination chambers for your needs. We also accept custom orders, and we can modify our units to better suit your demand. Contact us on 800-504-6478, and you'll be glad you did.

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Decontamination Chamber