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Columbia Roofing

Columbia Roofing

APC Roofing Services is a top-rated Columbia roofing company, and we reign supreme in offering roofing solutions at low prices. We are one of the few companies to offer our clients with eco-friendly and sustainable roofing solutions.

Top roofing trends in 2020

Roofs not only protect your interiors from harsh climatic conditions but also play a pivotal role in your home's curb appeal. Here are a few of the top roofing trends of 2020:

  • Metal roofs - Metal roofs come in a wide variety of attractive styles and colors and lasts longer than the other kinds. This highly durable solution excels at reflecting the sun's UV rays and helps you save on energy bills by keeping your home cooler in summers.
  • Lighter colors - Lighter colored roofing options are taking the architectural world by a storm. No matter what material roof you choose, go for lighter tones like soft greens, taupes, off-whites, beiges, and warmer shades of blue. A light-colored roof not only adds a luxurious look and feel to your home but also keeps your interior cool.
  • Cool Roofing - If you live in a state that gets a lot of sunlight, remember that exposure to direct sun can reduce your roof life. Cool roofing is the perfect solution for homes in hotter states as they come in light tiles and reflective paints. 

Besides these, we also see solar roofing panels gaining widespread attention from Millenials and architectural enthusiasts. We are one of the few Columbia roofing contractors to specialize in the latest roofing trends.

Does home insurance cover leaky roofs?

Homeowners insurance offers coverage for roof damage depending upon the root cause of the damage. If you own a homeowner's insurance, you can claim coverage for the cost of repairs caused by hail or a fallen tree on your roof. Homeowners' insurance policy typically offers coverage for damages to your roof, if the damage occurs as a result of fire, wind, or hail. If your roof endures damages from a tree that topples over it after a hair or storm, your dwelling coverage will cover the cost of such a roof repair.

Similarly, homeowners insurance also offers coverage for roof leaks, if the leak occurs after a fire, hail, or wind. It does not cover roof leaks resulting from poor upkeep or due to wear and tear.

Common roof damages

Dry heat spells and storms are inevitable, and it is not uncommon for roofs to endure damages with harsh weather conditions. One of the most common roof issues is the rotting in plywood roof decks. It occurs as a result of moisture seeping through your roof deck. Another common roof problem is the growth of mold and moss due to moisture in your attic. Broken shingles and torn underlayment are also some of the other common roofing problems that homeowners face, especially after a hail, rain, or storm.

Schedule a site inspection with APC Roofing Services and get a quote for your roof repair/replacement project. We are a highly sought-after Columbia roofing company with a reputation for timely completion of work and best quality workmanship.

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