Is AC Part of Electric Bill? 

New homeowners and renters often have a ton of questions, especially when it comes to their utility bills. Discovering how to become more energy efficient to lower monthly bills starts with finding what’s contributing to the bill. AC-related questions, such as “Is AC gas or electric?” are frequently asked when homeowners are looking into their electric bills. While there are a wide variety of brands, models, and energy efficiencies – all types of air conditioners run on electricity. Which in turn means, air conditioners are typically a large chunk of an homeowner’s or renter’s electric bill during the summer months. 


How to Save Energy with AC

With summer temperatures increasing, running the air conditioner daily can ramp up the electricity bill quickly. There are several simple ways to save money on utility bills by increasing the HVAC system’s energy efficiency. From setting reminders to change out the air filter to spring cleanings of the outdoor unit. Every action that helps improve HVAC performance also helps lower electric bills.

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Will a New AC Unit Lower My Electric Bill? 

Annual AC tune-ups are a must and play a huge role when trying to cut down energy costs. However, there are limits to increasing system performance on older models from regular maintenance and repairs. Thankfully, there’s great news for homeowners with AC units that are older than 10 years! Over the recent years, there have been significant improvements made in HVAC technology. This can translate to significant savings when upgrading to a newer model that has a higher SEER Rating! While higher SEER systems come with a hefty price tag, the money saved in electricity bills is well worth the investment. 

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Lowering Electric Bills with Reliable, AC Installations in Joplin, MO and Surrounding Communities

If you are wondering if it’s time to start shopping for a replacement, contact one of our HVAC experts today! We can help guide you through finding the right energy efficiency, sizing, system model and more! Every home in Joplin, Missouri needs a reliable AC unit and HVAC services to pull through when you need it the most. Satterlee is here to help you whether you need installation, repairs, maintenance, or just have questions about your HVAC system.