Every spring, people suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illnesses seek to alleviate their symptoms. As outdoor allergens can be easily brought inside, simply staying inside isn’t enough to protect against these irritants. So, many turn to air purifiers as a way to seek relief before the allergens can affect their health. But are they effective or are air purifiers a waste of money? Let’s look into this.

As far as outdoor allergens go, pollen is the most common culprit of allergy symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes. What’s worse, pollen can easily be carried in through open windows/doors or on clothes, shoes, and pets. However, that doesn’t mean people with respiratory illnesses can’t still enjoy the spring season! Air purifiers are the leading remedy for allergy symptoms by eliminating the hazardous air pollutants. Whole house air purifiers, such as Lennox Pure Air or IWave-R, are capable of filtering out allergens such as pollen before it settles on surfaces. In comparison, portable room air purifiers are convenient but are lacking in power and effectiveness. Whole house air purification systems truly reduce the exposure of allergens and provide clean, fresh air to breathe. When these allergy triggers are eradicated, air purifiers demonstrate just how much they are worth.

Whole house air purification systems are beneficial to those without allergies as well! Simply the location of your home or business can affect your health. Regions that are prone to smoke from wildfires or fumes from road traffic on highways and interstates effect the conditions of indoor air. Whole house air purifiers work to keep toxic pollutants out of your home or business.


Embrace the Spring Season with Better, Healthier Indoor Air for You and Your Family

After spending the winter months indoors, people and pets alike finally get to enjoy warmer weather and lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, this means pet dander isn’t the only problem pets bring back inside. Their fur can trap pollen, mold spores, and odors from whatever smelly thing they rolled in. These can be released into the air or transferred into fabrics like sofas, pillows, blankets, and carpet. Furthermore, pollen and other outdoor pollutants aren’t the only type of allergens becoming more active with the warmer weather. Spring also means better conditions for airborne viruses, mold spore growth, dust mites, cockroaches, and other allergy triggers. 

This is where a whole house air purification system is extremely beneficial for homeowners, even if you don’t own a pet. Air purifiers are incredibly effective for removing these particles from your home or businesses as they go beyond the capabilities of a regular hvac filter.  Take on this allergy season with an air purifier that will leave you breathing easier with less allergy symptoms. 

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What are the Benefits of an Air Purifier? A Whole Home Air Purification System Helps Homes and Businesses By: 

  • Blocking Dust and Preventing Buildup for Cleaner Indoor Air 
  • Trapping Pet Dander and Allergens
  • Removing Dangerous Organic Compounds from the Air
  • Neutralizing Unpleasant Odors
  • Killing Microorganisms such as Viruses & Bacteria using Rays of UV Light
  • Reducing HVAC Energy Consumption 
  • Extending the Average Lifespan of HVAC Equipment
  • Using One Central Unit With Powerful Performance that Covers the Entire Building
  • Integrating within the HVAC System without Taking Up Living or Working Space
  • Creating Minimal Amounts of Noise During Operation 


So Are Air Purifiers a Waste of Money? Not at All!

While the beauty of spring is something everyone can enjoy, it also brings a new season of allergy symptoms. Thankfully, allergy sufferers can find relief and a solution simply by installing an air purifier. Being proactive about removing allergens, VOCs, and other air pollutants is vital to better health. Using a whole house air purifiers such as Lennox Pure Air or IWave-R will clean the air for the entire building rather than a single room. Additionally, whole house air purifiers have significantly more power to eliminate harmful pollutants than portable air purifiers. If you have any questions about how air purifiers can benefit your home or business, consult with us at Satterlee! We can help guide you to find the right fit for your needs.

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